Autumn Half Term Mathematics Revision Resources

Topics for mathematics examination additional to numeracy topics
Expanding two brackets (FOIL)
nth term of a linear sequence
Forming and solving simultaneous equations        (BBC Bitesize)
Using graphs to solve simultaneous equations
Factorising – Common factor method
Factorisation of quadratic expressions.
Trial and improvement
Forming and solving inequalities
Inequality graphs
Coordinates of a midpoint
Parallel and perpendicular lines
Knowledge of y = mx + c
Drawing and interpreting the graphs y= a/x, y = ax² +bx +c, y = ax³+ b, when y is given implicitly in terms of x
Probability of an event occurring/not occurring
Listing outcomes of up to two experiments
Venn diagrams
Relative frequency, representation using graphs
And/Or rules (mutually exclusive, independent)
Tree diagrams
Angles in quadrilaterals
Polygons : internal and external angles
Circle Theorems:
Tangent and radius meet at 90
Angle at centre is double than circumference
Angles in same segment are equal
Opposite angles in cyclic quadrilateral add to 180º
Angle subtended by semicircle is 90º
Tangents from external point are equal
Coordinates in all 4 quadrants
Symmetry – reflection and rotation
Centre of Rotation
Enlargements (including with a centre)
Enlargements with a fractional scale factor
Translation, using column vector
2 successive transformations
Construction of triangles, quadrilaterals and circles
Constructing angles of 60º, 30º, 90º and 45º.
Identifying congruent shapes

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