Year 11 GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Numeracy Examinations

Dear Parent/Carer,

GCSE Mathematics – November 2016 Examinations

Your son/ward will be sitting a first attempt at his mathematics GCSE exam papers this November, just after the October half-term holidays. The mathematics curriculum has changed for 2016/17, meaning that students will now be awarded two different GCSEs in the subject (‘Numeracy’ and ‘Mathematics’). There will be four examination papers:

  • Wednesday 2nd November 9.00am           (Numeracy Non-Calculator)
  • Friday 4th November  9.00am                      (Numeracy Calculator)
  • Tuesday 8th November  9.00am                 (Mathematics Non-Calculator)
  • Thursday 10th November 9.00am            (Mathematics Calculator)

Although we expect all boys to prepare thoroughly and do well in this set of examinations, this is an early entry – an opportunity to have a first attempt at the examinations. All students will have the opportunity to re-sit the examination papers in the summer to improve their grades if required.

Revision programme

There is a scheduled programme of revision planned for within school time. Alongside this, we expect all boys to attend the following sessions outside of school time:

  • Friday 14th October: ALL Year 11 students to attend school on the morning of the INSET day in full school uniform for mathematics sessions
  • Tuesday 18th October, 1st & 8th November, after school (all except Mrs Gelling’s class)
  • Monday 17th & 31st October, 7th November after school (Mrs Gelling’s class only)
  • Monday 17th & 31st October, 7th November lunchtime (Higher tier only – Ms Jeanette’s class)
  • Half-term holiday: 09.00am-12.00pm on, Monday 24th October 2016 for Mrs Jenette’s, Mr Davies’s and Mr Williams’s class.
  • Sunday 6th November for invited students only (this session will be targeting particular skills so will not be relevant for all; Mr Davies will inform those students invited)

All the examinations are in the morning, so the mathematics department will be also offering ‘breakfast revision’ for all students from 8.00am on each day of examinations.

Please discuss these examinations and revision programme with your son/ward, and make sure he works independently at home with the revision materials provided by the mathematics department. Please also make sure he attends all the scheduled revision sessions to maximise his performance in the examinations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Davies on the email address below.

Yours faithfully,

Mr B Davies                                                      Mrs B Gelling
Head of Mathematics Department              Second-in-charge, Mathematics Department


Maths RAMP Meeting PowerPoint

Revision Schedule Maths Year 11

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