Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy resources for parents to help support the development of their child’s reading, writing and numeracy skills during the summer holidays


To develop reading skills:

Year 6s and 7s National Summer Reading Challenge ‘Creepy House’ – read 6 books over the summer, visit the library ‘every two books’ to keep up the momentum and receive prizes/stickers.

Years 7 – 13 ‘Cardiff Summer Reading Challenge’ – comment on three books during the summer holiday period to be automatically entered into a prize draw for £100 St David’s 2 vouchers

Read an online magazine together

Would they prefer to listen to stories? Free audio versions of stories

You might consider finding out what books are studied in your child’s key stage and read them yourself, in order to have informed conversations/shared experience. Or perhaps you could borrow/purchase other works from the same author for your child.

If your child prefers non-fiction and interactive resources…

Subscribe to the weekly newspaper for children, First News:

Published in on-line instalments, and particularly empowering for girls:


To develop writing skills:

TheSprout is a Cardiff based, youth information, safe website.  Encourage your child to read and post on

CGP workbooks

Write a play

A website that makes writing and producing your own short graphic novel really easy

Apps to improve spelling:

An app called ‘Chicktionary’ is free, fun and addictive(!).

‘Squeebles’ is a paid for app that allows you to input and record your own personal spelling lists, and also keeps a record of your scores.


Parents might wish to refresh their own literacy skills


To develop numeracy skills:


A website giving a variety of numerical and mathematical tasks and challenges.

Transum Maths Starter of the Day. A selection of numerical puzzles that make for effective collaborative parent/child discussion.

BBC BITESIZE is a good “all round” site that includes interactive, learner friendly information and activities


Some Cardiff schools have subscribed to this website. Learners will be able to access information, activities and worksheets.


CGP books
Key Stage 3 revision and workbooks are available to buy online from  or from most book retailers.

A string of apps that focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Tasks can be managed and monitored by parents.

Beluga Maths
An app that helps to develop the understanding of concepts within mathematics.

Parents have a vital role in developing numerical skills in managing money. Listed below are some of the skills and knowledge that pupils at key stage 3 need to have:

  •  advantages and disadvantages of bank accounts, including bank cards
  • make informed decisions relating to discounts and special offers
  • appreciate the basic principles of budgeting, saving and borrowing
  • calculate using foreign money and exchange rates
  • describe why insurance is important and understand the impact of not being insured

Parents may want to take opportunities to develop their child’s numeracy skills within the context of real life situations.

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