May the 4th be with you!

The alien spaceship keeps an eye on proceedings

The alien spaceship keeps an eye on proceedings

On Friday 4th May 72 year 5 and 6 pupils from Colcot Primary School joined us at Barry Comprehensive School for a “May the 4th be with you” Science Fiction Festival.

The Colcot pupils really got into the spirit of things, many of them dressing up as characters from “Star Wars”.

Year 13 Creative and Media Studies were very busy, creating sci-fi props and showcasing their work.

There was also a range of Science Fiction related activities. Year 12 Welsh Baccalaureate students took on the role of escorting the Colcot pupils from their primary and really enjoyed working with the Year 5 and 6 pupils. Colcot School were fantastic to work with. The pupils were a credit and we are looking forward to welcoming year 6 boys in September.

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