Better Reading Partnership Update

Members of Barry Comprehensive School's Reading Scheme

Members of Barry Comprehensive School’s Reading Scheme

Barry Comprehensive School work extremely hard each year to promote reading and literacy to all their students. Through the use of book clubs and after school learning and tutorials, pupils of all ages are urged to better themselves when it comes to reading and grammar. One of the school’s voluntary reading schemes, the Better Reading Partnership; assists children in a one to one format is becoming more and more successful. Over the past few weeks, there have been two new faces to the group to provide support to both the voluntary group and the students.

The volunteers come into the school once a week for an hour session with a number of pupils where they sit down and listen to the boys read their chosen books to them. The group take time out of their personal lives to support the students.
Mrs Donovan, who has been involved since the scheme started, said “I have always loved reading and want to inspire children to read more. There is a lot of negativity in the media surrounding the youth culture; this motivates me to get them reading and to better themselves and their generation.”

The reading scheme runs in blocks of ten weeks. The next block to take place in the Summer term will see the most members to the scheme that there have been in years. With the new volunteers along with the regulars, more children in the school can now be assisted with their reading and inspired to read more books in their own time.

The co-ordinator of the reading scheme, Kathy Turnbull explained that: “We give the pupils a choice of what book they want to read, most of them were put off reading in the past because books were forced upon them. We aim to make reading a pleasure for them, a hobby which they can do in and out of school.”

Report by Craig Lowry

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