We are the first school in Wales to receive the Young Carers in Schools Programme Basics Award

Headteacher Gerard McNamara, Lisa Thomas, Connor, Trystan, Sue Neilson and Chair of Governors Antonia Forte

Young Carers in Schools Programme Basics Award

Barry Comprehensive School is the first school in Wales to receive Young Carers in Schools Programme Basics Award.

Barry Comprehensive has been presented with the award for achieving the basics of the Young Carers in Schools Programme.

The Young Carers in Schools Programme, originally developed by Carers Trust and the Children’s Society, and the award includes assigning a lead member of staff to understand young carers and their needs as the young carers operational lead, and developing and maintaining a pupil notice board and online information highlighting young carer’s issues.

In October 2016, Carers Trust South East Wales was commissioned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to undertake a Project on behalf of the Council alongside Cardiff Council and Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board. There are an estimated 700,000 young carers in the UK, and a recent survey in the Vale of Glamorgan indicated that 1 in 12 pupils in primary or secondary school could be young carers.

Barry Comprehensive’s Operational lead Sue Neilson, supports the young carers in the school. Ms Neilson said: “We are really proud of our young carers, who do so much to support their families. The young carers in school programme, has enabled us to identify the young carers within the school, putting in place a variety of positive measures to support them both in and out of school.”

Barry Comprehensive were initially unsure of the number of young carers they had within the school, but staff and teachers worked hard to support and listen to young carers, and the school has now met the criteria for the basics of the Young Carers in Schools Programme.

Connor Dunn, 15, who will start an Access course at Cardiff and Vale College later this year, said: “Being a young carer means people looking after their families. I help my dad at home and sometimes help my brother with homework. Young carers can have many problems, and they can lash out because of the stress at home.

“It makes me so happy to help other carers and I didn’t know Tristan before this scheme, and now we get along well. Ms Neilson in school is great and can support you no matter what; she has helped me a lot.”

Tristan Evans, 14, said: “I help my mum out at home when she needs it and I help around the house. I found out about young carers in school, from a poster in my Maths lesson. I told my teacher and she asked Ms Neilson to tell me more about how the school can help.”

Please see the original report on the Vale of Glamorgan website.

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