A day at the fair to find a career

The Barry Comprehensive School Careers Fair in full swing

The Barry Comprehensive School Careers Fair in full swing

As the end of term approached, it was time for GCSE pupils and A level students to consider their future careers when they finish their exams in the summer.

On Tuesday, 3rd April, Barry Comprehensive School held a careers fair in the main hall where various companies, businesses and organisations set up their stalls and welcomed the pupils of the school to ask them questions to decide if their profession is the right route for them to pursue.

With the event lasting half of the day, hundreds of pupils and many of the sixth form students visited the stalls to ask questions and to take brochures away with them to help them make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Global businesses such as British Airways and BMW attended the event along with local businesses Dow Corning and Bro Radio. The British Army had their own stand which was the most popular and was busy throughout the day with pupils queuing up to speak to the twenty-two year server of the force, Julian Daniel. He told us that: “I am trying to steer the boys in the right path. Most of them come up to me and say: ‘I want to be in the army’. But there are so many opportunities and jobs inside the army which they need to know to find out what is best for them.”

Several sixth form media students set up their own stalls with products that they personally made to sell. The stalls consisted of cakes, shoes, decorated key rings and T-Shirt printing. Kris Hillard, who was running his T-Shirt printing stall said: “Me and my mates are going on holiday this year and we were going to have T-Shirts printed for something to remember the holiday by. I decided with a friend from my class to set up this stall, I hope it can attract a few people and make some money.”

This event was set up to help the pupils and students in the school find out more about a career which they would like to take when they finish their academic years. Year 13 student Luke Denning attended the fair and explained that: “I am finishing sixth form in the summer so I want to know what I am going to do after that. I either want to go to university or go straight into full-time work in a job which I would like doing. This fair has helped me decide on my future.”

Assistant Head teacher, Mr Green set-up and organised the whole event.. He summed the day up by saying: “There was a great turn out of pupils and students who will all hopefully take something away from today.”

Report by Craig Lowry

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