7GW - winners of the Eisteddfod

7GW – winners of the Eisteddfod

Over the past few days we have been intensively preparing for our school Eisteddfod.  A fun time was had by everyone!

On Monday we had French and Welsh work.  This was different to usual work as we had a range of teachers, which was nice because we could experience a range of teaching styles.  We were also allowed to pick where we sat and who we worked with.  The lessons themselves were also a change from our usual book work.  Art was also enjoyable because we made bookmarks which we could customise.

On Tuesday we had a variety of lessons.  We had Drama, Music, Welsh and French.  Drama was my personal favourite, as the teacher gave us six stimuli, so we could use our own imagination to create whatever play we wanted.  We got to pick our own groups and we enjoyed making our own original scenes.

On Wednesday we added to our previous French work and practised the Welsh national anthem in Music.   We then attended the Year 7 Eisteddfod, which was really fun!  There were stage competitions such as poems, dances and songs.  We also had the chance to enter written competitions about our Welsh culture.  We finished with a loud go at the national anthem (even if some of us weren’t that amazing).

By Edward Drew in Year 7

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