A Taste of Texas….

Team Texas with Miss Jones (Head of RS) at Barry Comprehensive School

Team Texas with Miss Jones (Head of RS) at Barry Comprehensive School

Last week, for the third year, we welcomed back to Barry Comprehensive our visitors from Texas. Every July, ‘Team Texas’ visit their link partners at Coastlands Family Church in Barry, and visit a number of local primary and secondary schools and churches in the area. In the local community they hosted events that included food tasting, Texas 2 Step Dancing, BBQ’s and shared their stories.

In school, boys had the visitors in their lessons where they learnt about life in Texas – music, culture, food, politics, history and religion. Pupils competed in quizzes, and ‘grime’ music was replaced with a bit of country and western. Boys in years 7, 8 and 9 worked on writing and singing along to their own song lyrics, all with the similar theme of being off for the summer – I’ll leave you with a little taste from the chorus:

In two weeks it’s summertime
Time to hit the beach
We’ll be having some fun in the sun alright…..
Free for the summer
No school, staying up with my friends
A little BBQ and country club
Suntan, swimming, football in the sand
It’s been too long since we’ve been
Free for the summer!

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