Year 6 scientists in the lab

Making the first incision under the guidance of Mr Buttigieg

Making the first incision under the guidance of Mr Buttigieg

Throughout November, over 70 Year 6 pupils have visited Barry Comprehensive School to participate in a Science project to investigate the function and structure of the heart.

‘More Able and Talented’ pupils from Barry Island, All Saints, Romilly, Colcot, Gladstone and Holton Primary Schools have had the opportunity to look more closely at the important role of the heart in the body and the anatomy of the heart. The sessions looked at ways in which you can monitor your heart beat, considered the link between heart rate and exercise, modelled the pathway that blood circulates through the heart and body, and explained the main reasons why.

Pupils were then able to get hands on and dissect and analyse a lamb’s heart, learning about the important structures in the heart. Pupils also investigated an ox heart, drawing comparisons to their finding in the much smaller lamb’s heart. The pupils then used their findings and increased understanding to complete extended writing tasks back at their primary schools.

Mr Buttigieg, who delivered the sessions, commented, “The sessions were successful, pupils were engaged, enthusiastic and progressed their understanding well. The dissection was a particular highlight and the pupils were amazed at the structures of the chambers and blood vessels. The comparison of the lamb and ox heart, and sheer size of the ox’s heart, was another source of amazement. I think everyone enjoyed themselves!”

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