Year 7 make great progress at Barry Comprehensive School

Year 7 Pupil Progress Evening

Year 7 Pupil Progress Evening

Barry Comprehensive School’s Year 7 students worked extra hard preparing to welcome their parents/carers and families to the recent ‘Pupil Progress Evening’.

The boys made individual presentations about their learning to demonstrate the progress that they have made since joining the school in September. The students focussed on English and Maths, plus a subject of their choice.

Parental involvement in learning is vital in ensuring students achieve at their highest level. Parents were asked to note targets for improvement and encouraged to make use of the support materials that were available to help the whole family join in.

As part of the school’s on-going drive to raise standards, the evening was evaluated with a parent questionnaire with the feedback being extremely positive about the learning achieved already this term. Parents also commented on the advice given on the night so parents themselves could help with their son’s literacy and numeracy at home. Some of the many positive comments are below.

“Really pleased with the teachers and were really happy with our son’s progress.”

“I feel Sam has settled really well into Year 7. He’s very happy and confident in his learning. Looking forward to good results.”

Harri is very confident and enjoys coming to school. I am very happy with his progress so far.”

“Very productive evening, we are clear how we can help Drew at home to improve on his education.”

“I’m very proud of Ross, he seems to be working hard in Year 7 and also enjoying himself at Barry Comp. I hope he continues to work hard.”

“I’m very pleased with my son’s progress and his confidence has boosted since September. The school has been excellent for him and staff have guided him in every opportunity.”

Photos by Liam Kenny

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