In it to Win it Spring 2016

Spring 2016 ‘In It to Win It’ prize-winners

Spring 2016 ‘In It to Win It’ prize-winners

To end the spring term, Barry Comprehensive School held yet another ‘In It to Win It’ draw with a range of fantastic prizes on offer for those rewarded with raffle tickets.

These raffle tickets are awarded to pupils for excellence in attendance, attitudes to learning and academic success.  Obviously the more tickets accumulated, the more chances there are to win a prize.  With all pupils having at least one ticket in the draw, all pupils were excited for the outcome.  Of course it was no surprise to see pupils with multiple tickets winning many of the prizes (that’s mathematics!) and as all pupils know you have to attend on the day to be able to claim a prize.  If you are not in, you can’t win!

The next draw will take place at the end of the summer term.  So the message is to keep working hard, keep attendance high and keep collecting those tickets.

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