British Physics Olympiad Gold

Matthew with his Gold Award from the British Physics Olympiad

Matthew with his Gold Award from the British Physics Olympiad

Last term, Barry Comprehensive School Sixth Former Matthew Ireland took part in the British Physics Olympiad, which is the most challenging Physics competition in the United Kingdom.

This involved taking a 2½ hour examination, which is marked externally at Oxford University. In the words of the organisers of the competition: “The paper was designed to stretch and challenge the top young physicists in the country in a national competition, so please congratulate your students for participating. Every question is indeed a real challenge and a lower mark is no reflection on the students’ ability in physics. This is about a particular skill which must be developed over time.”  From this examination, pupils are selected to go onto the prestigious International Physics Olympiad, which is held in a different country each year.

On receiving the results in December, it gives the Physics Department as well as the School great pleasure in announcing that Matthew gained a Gold Award in this examination, which means that he was in the top 100 best scores in the country out of 1600 entrants. This is a remarkable achievement bearing in mind the very rigorous nature of the examination and the very high standard of Physics that more able and talented students have in the United Kingdom.

Matthew just missed out on being selected to go onto the International Physics Olympiad. However, this result is an excellent stepping stone for Matthew as he pursues a Physics degree next year in university.

We would like to congratulate Matthew on this excellent achievement.


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