Year 7 Progress Evening

Year 7 students reporting on their progress

Year 7 students reporting on their progress

Barry Comprehensive School’s Year 7 students worked hard preparing to welcome their parents/guardians and families to the recent annual ‘Pupil Progress Presentation Evening’.

During the evening, boys made presentations about their learning to demonstrate the progress that they have made since joining the school in September. Students focussed on English, Maths and a subject of their choice.

Parental involvement in learning is vital in ensuring students achieve at their highest level. As part of this school/home partnership, parents were asked to note targets for improvement and support materials were available to make sure the whole family can join-in and make the most of the learning opportunities available.

David Williams, Senior Learning Mentor for Year 7 said, “It was a delight to see so many parents involve themselves in the pupil progress evening. Hopefully, we can continue to work together to improve the learning of all pupils.”

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