Geology Fieldwork Fortnight

GCSE Trip - Observing the 'Three Chimneys' feature

GCSE Trip – Observing the ‘Three Chimneys’ feature

Over two weeks in late January and early February GCSE and AS level Geology students have undertaken important fieldwork trips as part of their respective courses.

The GCSE geologists stayed at Broadhaven overnight and undertook two days of fieldwork looking at the rocks, minerals and fossils in the area. We visited Marloes Sands, Broadhaven, Newgale and Solva to investigate the geological history of the area. The pupils will now complete a project in class that will account for 25% of their final GCSE mark.

The AS group stayed in Ystradfellte in the Brecon Beacons and completed two busy days of fieldwork and data collection along the Upper Neath Valley. The range of data collected will now be used to complete an investigation into the environments of deposition in the area over geological time. The completed investigation will account for 33% of their final AS level grade.

All of the students thoroughly enjoyed their visits and displayed a very mature attitude and strong work ethic at all times. Both groups were a credit to the school. Mr. Prickett would like to thank all of the pupils, their parents and the school for continuing to support these important visits, which allow the geologists of the future to gain essential practical experience.

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