Jack George represents Wales in Karate

Jack competed for Karate Wales in Poland

Jack competed for Karate Wales in Poland

Jack George, a Year 7 student from Barry Comprehensive School, recently travelled to Szczecin in the north of Poland with Karate Wales.  Here, Jack attended the 5th WUKF World Championships for Children, Cadets and Juniors – a three day tournament with 1600 competitors from 36 countries.

Jack performed well at this prestigious event.  He had a particularly tough first fight and, even though he was up against an extremely good opponent, Jack fought admirably.  He came from behind and was very close to a good win before his opponent landed an ippon (full point) worthy kick.  Jack should be extremely proud of his first experience of a World Championships.

As well as participating in the competition, Jack was also involved in the Opening Ceremony, where he marched proudly with the squad behind the Welsh flag.  He also had the unique opportunity to train with the legendary Christophe Pinna, who is described as perhaps the greatest kicker in competitive karate.

This is such a great achievement for Jack, who became the F.E.K.O (Federation of English Karate Organisations) National Champion in 2014.  We would like to say a huge WELL DONE to Jack as well as the rest of his squad.

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