Languages Day 2014

7ANB created colourful ties based on national flags

7ANB created colourful ties based on national flags

On the 19th September, Barry Comprehensive School celebrated another exciting Languages Day.

Exchange students in Year 12 spoke about their culture and taught Year 7 pupils some Norwegian, Italian and German. Teachers from a range of subjects joined the Languages Faculty to deliver language lessons. Mr. Peacock and Mr. Gonachon taught Spanish and Mrs. Davies taught Norwegian in full national costume. In addition to the European languages, there were taster lessons in Japanese with Ms. Roche and in Swahili with Mrs. Ellis.

Besides learning new languages, pupils enjoyed experiences with an international theme in art, music and cooking. There was also a quiz on languages with prizes for the winners.

Ms. Evans would like to thank everyone who took part in a very successful languages day.

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