Year 8 shakedown the tobacco industry

Students worked together in small groups.

Students worked together in small groups.

Year 8 students at Barry Comprehensive School have been taking part in ‘Shakedown’ – a smoking prevention programme funded by the Cardiff and Vale Public Health Team.

The programme consists of drama based workshops that explore the complex issues surrounding the tobacco industry and its effects on young people The workshops are designed to give the students a sense of purpose and belonging to the mission they are engaged in, and to motivate them to discover information for themselves. Each year 8 form group will participate in a 3 hour workshop delivered in school by two trained facilitators.

The Shakedown project aims to increase young people’s knowledge of the history of tobacco use, the manufacture of tobacco, the tobacco industry and its marketing techniques, ethical business practice, the chemistry of tobacco and the damage it does biologically. Participants will be able to recognise why people start smoking, understand the dangers of second-hand tobacco smoke and they will be encouraged to explore personal issues such as lifestyle choices, respect and care for other people, personal ethics and the importance of good role models.

Everyone at Barry Comprehensive would like to thank the Shakedown facilitators for delivering these interesting and informative workshops.

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