The Heat was on at Barry Comprehensive School … with Miss Saigon

Morning of the Dragon

Morning of the Dragon

Students at Barry Comprehensive School put in a sizzling performance near the end of term of the smash West End show, Miss Saigon. It was a challenging task, with a powerful, emotive narrative, a demanding musical score and a set that involved a helicopter. But the Miss Saigon School Edition production team and cast really pulled it off, beautifully. And they did this across three performances.

The whole production was very slick, involving a full orchestra, very well-choreographed dream sequence and the memorable and moving helicopter landing. The work was testament to the continued hard work of some excellent  students and their dedicated staff, from the music and drama departments but also involving teachers from other areas.

Miss Saigon School EditionAudience members were enthralled by the performances; one of the school governors described the production as ‘A Triumph’. This was a fitting tribute to a first rate production.

Photos by Jac Osborne and Scott Nelson

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