History trip to Liverpool

Pupils outside Merseyside Maritime Museum

Pupils outside Merseyside Maritime Museum

On 18th June, 42 Year 9 students from Barry Comprehensive school  visited the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.  The main focus of the trip was to hear the untold stories of enslaved people and to learn about historical and contemporary slavery.

There are three main galleries in the museum – Life in West Africa, Enslavement and the Middle Passage, and Legacies of Slavery.  The boys found the second gallery especially helpful, as they are currently studying the transatlantic slave trade.  It revealed some of the brutality suffered by enslaved Africans on the voyage across the Atlantic, and the oppression of their lives on plantations in the Americas.

The museum shares it facilities with the Merseyside Maritime Museum, so the students were able to view other exhibitions.  One of great interest was ‘Seized! The Border and Customs uncovered’.  Here, the boys entered the world of the Customs officer – a dark and unseen world of smuggling, intrigue and danger, where things are not always what they seem.

There was also time for the students to explore the Albert Dock area.  Some took this opportunity to visit ‘The Beatles Story’ and discovered the stories of the band’s lives, times, culture and music.

All of the students learnt a lot from the whole experience and behaviour was excellent, all students were a real credit to the school.

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