A Smack of Jellyfish…

The group at the end of the project displaying their artwork

The group at the end of the project displaying their artwork

‘A Smack of Jellyfish’ is an exciting Literacy and Art project that recently worked at Barry Comprehensive School. Students are asked to explore language and Art through focusing on an animal of their choice, creating a collective noun for their animal and then creating a collage of Art work.

English and Art teachers had the challenging task of choosing just 24 of our more able and talented students and, once chosen, the students had only had four days to work on the project. They were well supported by a film editor, an artist and a poet. The work really allowed boys to explore language and image, stretching all students.

The finished work will be collated into Barry Comprehensive School’s own ‘A Smack of Jellyfish’ work, but the poems and Art work will also be displayed in Barry Library. We can only anticipate ‘A Harmony of Blue Peacocks’, ‘A Frolic of Red Pandas’ and ‘A Flash of Peregrine Falcons’… We look forward to seeing the final poems and their accompanying Art work.

A huge thank you to Allan Golding, Claire Potter and Sarah Defriend who came in to work with our students.

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