Year 10 students start planning for University futures

Some of the students outside the Houses of Parliament

Some of the students outside the Houses of Parliament

Over the last two months two separate groups of year 10 students (20 in all) have visited London for sessions on applying to the best universities and how to start planning now.  The students have already been very committed with one group, led by Ms Byfield, needing to travel very early, whilst the other group actually gave up a day in the Easter holiday.

The sessions, led by the educational organisation PiXL (Partners in Excellence) were very motivational and many of the students who attended now feel more focused. A key message is that places for many courses at top universities are very competitive and good GCSE results and having wide and varied interests can make a real difference in whether an application is accepted. The London visits are just the first step in planning ahead and there will be some focused mentoring for students working at the highest levels.

Work experience is now approaching and year 10 students should all be aiming to gain the most from this opportunity too. The really clever students have worked out that hard work now will provide the edge in a very competitive market.

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