First Day with the Parliament

Newly elected school parliamentarians get down to work

Newly elected school parliamentarians get down to work

On the 26th October 2012, the Barry Comprehensive School Student Parliament had their annual training day for newly elected members of the Parliament, set up three years ago by Miss S. Morgan and some past students to ensure learners have a real voice in shaping their education. During the course of the day, year council meetings were set up and many roles were filled.

On 19th October, ninety-seven student representatives were elected from the forty-seven form classes to represent their form class and be ‘Form Representative’. Staff and students also voted for Head Boy and Head Girl, electing Matthew Williams and Lilibeth James. Isaac Mayne and Skye Morham were elected as Deputy Head Boy and Girl. These student leaders will now have the daunting responsibility of running the Student Parliament!

Two students were also elected during the training day from the Student Parliament to act as Student Governors for the year: Isaac Mayne and Liam Tanner. Both are very excited to have the opportunity to meet with the school governors on a regular basis to share the work of the Student Parliament.

Suggestions on how the Student Parliament could improve our school were raised by the form representatives. Form representatives then met with their new parliamentary ‘departments’ to plan actions to take the school forward over the coming year. Each of the five departments has a different focus: Community, Environment, Health & Fitness, Learning & Teaching and Student Support. This helps us to work together with students from all year groups on specific areas of school life.

School Parliament Election 2012 Results (PDF)School Parliament Election 2012 Results (PDF)
Student Parliament Training Day Survey ResultsSchool Parliament Training Day Evaluation (PDF)

Mrs J Ford, Deputy Head teacher, said, “The day has been superb. Absolutely superb. I’ve been really impressed by the amount of excellent comments and suggestions aimed at improving our school.” Teachers from Y Pant School also joined us for the day to find out how our Student Parliament works.

The students decided on how the school could change and how they would feel if these ideas were put into action. They also generated a plan for how to publicise this excellent work. Miss S. Morgan, Student Parliament co-ordinator and English teacher at BCS, organised the day and kept an eye on the meetings. She said, “The day has been organised chaos, but it’s been absolutely fantastic how the day and our Student Parliament have progressed.”

Many students enjoyed the day and were glad that they attended. Jordan Standing of 10SG said, “Overall, I think it’s been a great success. It’s been an amazing turn-out. A great feeling.”

Report by Mitchell Thorngate Year 10

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